Investment Conference Prijedor INVEST 2019: TRANSFORMATION

The concept of the Conference involves three parallel segments, namely:
• conference part
• exhibition part
• B2B meetings
The primary aim of the Conference is to promote the city of Prijedor and other local communities, as environments that have begun the transformation process:
- economies from formerly large systems, towards the concept of SMEs;
- from the traditional to the modern technology economy;
- from traditional school curricula to those with an emphasis on concrete practical skills;
- from traditional to innovative services for the economy.
The intention is to show and present as many local successful and affirmative stories, organizations, companies, individuals as possible and directly communicate with them.
The exhibition part of the Conference will allow local businessmen from various industries to present themselves to the participants of the Conference at the common stands in a modern, non-commercial setting, with the possibility for visiting companies to participate in the exhibition part. 
Two-days business-to-business (B2B) meetings planned according  participants afinities and interest, will provide negotiation and networking opportunities for many business entities from Bosnia and Herzegovina and other countries.
We are looking forward to meeting you in Prijedor! 

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